Another airline adopts tablets … but an HP tablet?

From c|net:

Windows 8 tablets to be handed out to Emirates’ flight crew

The luxury airline announces that it is delivering 1,000 HP ElitePad 900 tablets to its flight attendants, which will run on Windows 8 and come with a built-in airline-specific business app.

Interesting choice.  I would have expected an iPad as first choice, or maybe a Microsoft Surface.  I have to wonder how tablet like the custom app will be, or whether it will look more like a windows desktop app…

We’re going to require warrants for reading your email. Except for when we won’t, like, always.

An amusing story in cnet today:

Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants


Proposed law scheduled for a vote next week originally increased Americans’ e-mail privacy. Then law enforcement complained. Now it increases government access to e-mail and other digital files.

How does a law go from “we’re going to protect your rights” to “we’re going to strip your rights”?